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Silkroad Chllout

Silkroad Chillout: Play2Win-Cap 130-14D CH/EU-EXP/SP 65x, Party x75-Max plus: 24/30 with ADV-D1-11 Auto EQ-IP limit: 4 -Job Limit: 1-FGW/HWT-Daily quests-Auto events, Voting, Quests for Silk & Silk per Hour-Interactive Events-Friendly Community

Server Features

Jobbing guide After reaching Lv. 130, 2 special transports can be obtained from daily quests: Dark Lizard and Behemoth. The Behemoth is slower than the Lizard but has more slots. If your trade is valuable enough, you''ll get rewarded with coins as a reward upon re-logging! (Traders, Hunters & Thieves!). Apart from coins, Thieves will also receive a Behemoth! -After each trade sold, player must relog to get the coin into his inventory -Short trade routes have a possibility of not giving coins (A 5 star Lizard trade from DW -> HT may not be enough!); try longer routes or bigger transports! -Check out the speciality traders when they sell their goods! D14 gearing guide: -D14 Seal of Nova & Moon items can be obtained from Lv. 130 monsters around Samarkand -D14 Legend Chillout items can be obtained from our D14 NPC using coins -D14 Legend Chillout equipment & accessories can also be obtained by completing the Holy Water Temple (higher difficulty = higher chance) -D14 Legend Chillout equipment & accessories can also be obtained by completing the Job Temple Event -D14 Legend Chillout accessories can also be obtained at Jupiter Temple located inside the Mirror Dimension -D14 Legend Chillout weapons can also be obtained through the completion of the Forgotten World Collection books! (Wreck A: all D14 Legend Chillout Weapons & Shield; Wreck B: only D14 Legend Chillout Weapons; Flame Mountain: only D14 Legend Chillout Shields - all of this is race based!) -D14 Legend Chillout can be upgraded to Fight, Immortal and Myth variants. This can be done using Upgrade Scrolls from our NPC Coin Guide: -All Uniques except for Jupiter Temple Uniques drop different kinds of coins. You can gather all coin currencies from Standard Uniques, they are also a good way to get coins! -After valuable trades, traders, hunters and thieves get 100 Iron and 100 Chill coins -Lv. 130 monsters can drop gold coins Silk Guide: -Silk can be traded in game using silk scrolls -Automatic events give 15 silk -Voting gives 5 silk for each vote daily -Gift boxes from events have chance of rewarding 100 silk -Daily quests can give 340 silk in sum -Donations (optional!) Alchemy Guide: -Min plus is +10 -Max plus is +24 w/o Adv (+30 with Adv) -Adv+5 can drop from Jupiter Uniques and Special Uniques (Thief Boss Kalia, Khulood, Kidemonas, Giant Overlord, Mad General) -Adv+6 can only drop from Roc Event or Medusa Event (go check out the Gate of Ruler questline!) -Adv+6 can be also be bought from NPC for silk -There are 3 types of Elixirs found in game (Normal, Holy Bible, Crystal); Jupiter Temple & FW Uniques have a chance to drop Holy Bible Elixirs while Job Temple Uniques and Special Uniques have a chance to drop Crystal Elixirs -D14 Immortal can be obtained by FW Uniques, Job Temple Event, FGW, some Special Uniques, Roc Event & Medusa Event -5% Lucky Scrolls can be obtained from daily quests, Special Uniques & Magic Pop Magic Pop: -Magic Pop has some quite nice items you can check out! -Magic Pop Cards can drop from Titan Uniques, CTF, Battle Arena, Roc Event, Death Bone, Mini Death Bone, Medusa Event -HWT/FGW reset scrolls are also available here Progression system: -D11 CH Legend Chillout +8 full blue can be bought in Jangan -D12 CH Legend Chillout +8 full blue can be bought in Donwhang -D11 & D12 EU Legend Chillout +8 full blue can be bought in Constantinople -D13 Legend Chillout +8 full blue can be bought in Samarkand -Lv. 130 mobs can drop D14 Seal of Nova and Seal of Moon items -Chillout NPCs sell D14 Legend Chillout items for coins (but there are also other ways of obtaining them, see above) -Legend Chillout items can be upgraded to Legend Chillout "Fight", "Immortal" & "Myth", including a new glowing effect for weapons -Mastery skills can be opened with coins (do NOT level them up!!!) Chillout Stone Cave Guide -- (How to enter & What to get) The Chillout Stone Cave is all about endgame farming and group play. The higher the floor, the stronger the monsters but also the better the drop rates. How to enter? To be able to enter the Chillout Stone Cave, 3 requirements have to be met: - You have to be Lv. 130 - You must not wear any Job Suit - You need a "Chillout Stone Cave Entrance Key" Please note: The portal right in front of the gate does not work. You need to enter the Cave from the town portal in Samarkand. How to obtain the key? - The key is obtainable by completing a daily quest quest called "Chillout Cave Entry Key Quest" that you can accept from Nun Martel in Samarkand. - Nun Martel also holds another quest called "Chillout Cave Introduction", aiming at educating players how the Cave works. You can complete this quest once per character.