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Sirius Online


Server Description

Survival Silkroad

coin system for egyt A armor, coin system, Stone and Honor Buff for gold in NPCs to encourage trade as an alternative to personal growth, Arena coin drop in unique mobs and titans, Point system per drop in massive uniques.

Server Features

Information|Rates ect: Exp|35x Sp| 30x Gold| 15x Cap| 110 Skills| 110 Mastery(CH/EU)| 330/220 Alchemy| 10x Job rates| 30x Vote for Silks| 1silk for hora (limit PC1) CTF| yes every 4 hours. BA|yes every 4 hours Roc Gate| yes Every Saturday Medusa| yes every 12 hours. Fortress war| Jangan every sunday Titan invasion| yes every 12 hours. Captcha| No. IPLimit | 8 PCLimit | 6 Files sro | Vsro Botting allowed| Yes Limit Jop | 1 PC-2 IP