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Server Description

Rody-Sro Online

We have a new idea about cap 130 PVE server to introduce to you here. Some of you saw our old cap 130 PVP server and may know some of our features we had there. Here, we add those features and upgraded them to be suitable for our new 130

Server Features

:Information About Game Cap: 130- Pve private Server Fortresses Allow : Jangan, Hotan- Euro and Chinese Races- Mastery: 520 Chinese, 390 European- Battle Arena: avilable- Forgotten World: avilable- New Skill Animations- Skills cap 130- EXP/SP Rates: 150x- Party EXP/SP Rates: 200x- Gold drop rate: 50x- Drop rate: 30x- Classic system job rate: 10x- Main Town : janjan- ALl Npc In: Janjan- Start ITEMS: lvl: 1 premium 5% 10B Gold 1k hp 1k mp GodBless 200% speed 50x Revers 50x Return Scroll 1x Fellow Grab Pet 1x Deviel 15% [IMG][/IMG] first 10 players start with 500 silk From 20-50 players start with 400 silk From 50-100 players start with 300 silk From 100-200 players start with 200 silk From 200-500 players start With 100 silk Some New Pets Photos From Rody-Sro Avatars photos From By silk New PLus ELixer in Npc + New Luky powder 100%succ New Avatars photos From with new Wings Thief avatars in npc by coppers coin Specail item by copper and areana Coin And Silk in Npc Special titels in npc by silver coins D14 items in Npc by Gold + stones with areana D15 items in npc by silver coin + stones with areana [GA]System + [GA]Helper New Uniqeus In Rody sro Join Server To see it :) Qustions And Answers 1- How to get areana Coins ? Answer: From bagdad mobs lvl 121 2- How to Get Copper Coins ? Answer : From Uniqeus And Quests 3- How to Get Gold ? From Trade by hit Trade to [GA]System 4- How to Get silk ? 1-By donate :D 2- From uniqeus 3- From Events 4- From Best Events like (Eu-Ch-Str-INT-UniqeusKiller) plus notice System form PLus 16to20 FTW START: friday from 21:00 ~ 22:30 Cairo Time Server Website Rody-sro.onlin Or Team Rody-sro# [GM]Eez [GM]Wenx [CM]STORM [SUP]NaDy